Boring notes on the SJW glossary.

(last updated July 28 2016)

SJW Glossary

• The language of Social Justice is tightly interwoven. It is necessary to use some of the terms defined in the glossary to define other terms. With the exception of 'Social Justice,' 'SJW,' 'Feminism,' and a few other common terms, I have bolded glossary terms when they are used in definitions, to make it clear that they can be ctrl+f'd for clarification as desired.

• While "SJW," meaning "Social Justice Warrior," began as a critical term, it has since been generally accepted by Social Justice advocates, as exemplified by I use SJW throughout the glossary to refer impartially to Social Justice advocates.

• Most of these glossary terms originate from, and are used by, SJWs. Others are primarily used by critics of SJWs. Critical terms, not used by SJWs, are denoted with "(critical)".

• I have not included many sources to explicit evidence in this glossary in an effort to prevent the definitions being overlong. There are over a hundred to include and I would like this glossary to remain navigable. As I write longer pieces on specific terms, I will link to them in relevant glossary entries.

• Many more jargon words exist within Social Justice than are addressed here. I've tried to limit this glossary to the most popular words, and words SJWs use when interacting with outsiders. Words born from infighting and schisms within the Social Justice community (and there are many) have largely been left out.

• The glossary is an evolving document, edited, clarified, condensed and explanded upon on a regular basis.

• Critical comments are welcomed and appreciated. If you have any alterations, suggestions, or expansions for the glossary, including new terms to include, please comment here. Comments are disabled on the glossary page itself to manage page length.

SJW Glossary

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